Understand Your Infrastructure

Having a consultant review your environment serves as a solid foundation for making changes that improve effectiveness, confirm security, and verify best practices are being met.  IT is an ever-evolving landscape and it has been difficult to stay abreast with the latest in hardware and software then plan how new technologies fit into your organization’s strategy.  To ensure a solid ROI, on IT investments, organizations need to build a strategic plan to effectively prioritize and allocate resources accordingly.

Tritone will not attempt to sell you products or services when assessment findings are presented.  While reports outline corrective action and detail the scope of these recommendations, the purpose of the engagement is not to function as a loss-leader for other up selling opportunities.  We maintain vendor independence to ensure impartial review of your systems and processes.  Discovery methodologies are siloed from other operations at Tritone in the interest of keeping deliverables as accurate as possible.


Verify You Get What You Pay For

IT outsourcing clients are often under served and overcharged.  Tritone will verify systems are installed correctly and that you get what you pay for from service providers.  Backed by years of industry experience, our consultants can help confirm technology contracts, set payment terms, ensure expectations are clear, and if necessary, negotiate contractual recourse.

Verify service providers and internal staff are accountable for day-to-day maintenance of the environment.


Planning an RFP?

Tritone’s consultants come from a range of IT backgrounds including managed services, project implementation, and presales.  While working for IT consulting firms, they learned the business from the consulting perspective and are in an excellent position to help you assess and select a service provider.  Building an accurate request for proposal document allows you to see apples-to-apples quotes from multiple vendors and make concise decisions based on those offerings.


Build a Multiyear Road Map

The reports and presentation are meant to be a snapshot at the time of implementation but also define short and long term risks and recommendations.  Building projects based on these recommendations helps align your technology plan with budgeting and business strategy.