Does Tritone perform the discovery onsite or remotely?

Tritone offers both onsite and remote assessments.

Is the organization disrupted during the assessment process?

Discovery methodology and procedures are built to be non-intrusive.  End users should not be impacted while scans and investigation are being conducted.

How much involvement does Tritone need from the IT staff?

The consultant(s) will work with IT staff to obtain necessary access to systems.  They will need administrative credentials for servers and other equipment and may also inquire about procedural details.

What is the fee structure for the assessment?

Total fees are based on a predefined number of consultant hours built to fit each customer.

Will Tritone attempt to sell products or services when the assessment findings are being presented?

No, in the interest of keeping the review as accurate as possible, Tritone does not sell products or services associated with the findings.

How long does an infrastructure assessment take?

Depending on the size of the organization and scope of work, an assessment may take anywhere between a few days and several weeks.  Tritone will customize a statement of work for your organization which matches core objectives.