A technology assessment is an objective, third party analysis of your organization’s IT infrastructure which assesses risk, inventories resources, diagrams technologies in place, and verifies best practices are being met.  This information allows you to easily define goals for projects on the horizon and outline measures of success for the department.  Tritone assessment methodologies are designed to help you increase the effectiveness of your IT efforts and investments by delivering accurate, tailored results every time.

While dealing with everyday incident and problem management, an IT department often deviates from industry best practices.  Add new initiatives from the organization and a detailed understanding of your infrastructure becomes extremely crucial.  The first step of strategic planning is to take a step back and assess the status of technologies in place.

The technical consultants at Tritone have years of experience in IT, are closely aligned with vendors and will help you to understand how your technologies align with industry best practices.  Seeing such a wide variety of clients has allowed the consultants to develop highly transferable skill sets.  The combination of these skills and a refined discovery methodology generates accurate, concise, and customized results which delivers the best insights into your operation.


Tritone Consultants Technology Assessment Process


Engagement Objectives

  • Discover physical and virtual IT assets, applications, and the relationships between them
  • Assess Risk, Map Dependencies, Identify Single Points of Failure
  • Confirm Product Supportability and Industry Best Practices
  • Examine Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Map and Diagram Architecture of the Environment
  • Assist in Defining Goals, Projects, and Measures of Success

 Technology Assessment Benefits

  • Gain greater insight into your organization’s IT technologies
  • Understand your department’s structure and capabilities
  • Obtain the right information to prioritize upcoming IT projects
  • Plan alignment of IT strategies with industry best practices
  • Ensure staff skills are matched to technologies in place
  • Verify service providers and internal staff are accountable for day-to-day maintenance the environment

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