General IT Consulting and Staff Augmentation


Do you need a system administrator but are not ready to pay a full time employee?

Tritone Consultants can help by being a part of your staff while you only pay for the hours necessary to handle your server, storage, and network environment.  A discounted staff aug rate is available for these engagements which on the bottom line, is a fraction of hiring an FTE.

Does your existing IT staff need assistance with a specific project?

We can help fill gaps in skill set or function on-demand for specific projects and will transfer that knowledge to your existing IT staff.  Tritone’s Consultants stay abreast with a variety of industry standards, take the time to remain in touch with other industry experts and apply certified knowledge to real world applications.


Tritone Consultants can help.  Request a presales call to find out more.


We describe ourselves as having a T-shaped skillset, meaning our core competencies are deep, covering an expansive variety of technologies while each consultant has their own areas of focused expertise.  Our consultants take pride in the fact that although a task may not be a part of their specialized expertise, they have the skills necessary to satisfy the request to completion.