Cloud infrastructure solutions provide companies of all sizes scalable, reliable, on-demand, enterprise-class IT.  Understanding how to plan, migrate and utilize to these solutions most efficiently can be challenging for the most seasoned industry professionals.  Whether you want to launch a simple website, host a complex, load balanced, global application, or extend your local infrastructure to the cloud, Tritone Consultants will help cost-effectively deploy a flexible IT infrastructure.


Value in the Cloud

  • hosting frees businesses from the costs and hassles of in-house data center management
  • pay-per-use billing model changes infrastructure costs from CapEx to OpEx
  • on-demand solutions provide flexibility and scalability
  • shift IT department focus from day-to-day management to mission-critical applications and innovation
  • scaling to match demand no longer requires resources to purchase servers and bring on technical talent


If you are unsure about any of the following questions, leveraging a piece of the cloud can benefit your IT department:

  • Do you have staff to accurately procure, manage, monitor, and maintain internal hardware, software, and the associated licensing?
  • Is your biggest headache managing the physical data center, network infrastructure, hardware and the product lifecylcle?
  • Does internal IT staff spend a large percentage of their time tracking software, licensing, and ISP contracts?
  • Are you considering a hardware refresh in the next 1-2 years?
  • Is a web site or application a part of your hosting responsibility?
  • Does that site or app have the potential to require scaling  to match traffic (load balancing, increasing bandwidth, database power, or compute capacity)?
  • Can I outsource to grow my business and improve IT-related productivity?
  • How can I minimize the risk of large capital expenditures during uncertain economic times?
  • How can I limit end user latency?
  • Are my data center operations secure and compliant at an enterprise-level?


Tritone’s Solution

Our consultants focus their experience on 2 major cloud vendors, Rackspace and Amazon Web Services.  Depending on your business and technical requirements, Tritone can tailor the right solution to match those specifications.

Do you need a server now?

Contact us!  After the initial discussion, the necessary server storage, and networking can be turned up and ready for use in minutes.  Call, email, or chat to get started.


Amazon Web Services Partner

Tritone is a member of the AWS Partner Network.  This allows us to offer our customers access to support resources not available to the regular AWS customer or system integrator.




Are you interested in how cloud infrastructure can work for you?

Request an assessment of your infrastructure!  We are not salesy but love talking technical with directors and IT staff.  Help us plant the seeds for how pieces of your infrastructure can benefit from an upgrade to the cloud.

Request a proof of concept (POC) from Tritone Consultants.  We can show you how cloud technology works within your infrastructure.  If a POC project reaches its final milestone and gains approval of necessary business units, we can help transfer those systems to production.

Request a Quote for Cloud Resources